Daylight Savings Time Patch Download

  (System IV and Web-based System V Only)

This product download is designed to update the Daylight Savings Time changes made for 2007 by Presidential Directive.   In the event the U.S. Government reverts back to the original daylight savings schedule, there is a simple flag that can be set to switch back to the original settings.

Please Note  that the DST fix applies only to Web-based System V  control panels and/or Enterprise Servers.

and Option-4 systems get their date and time from the PC or Laptop by which they are programmed.   As soon as the Option-X software is logged into with a valid user password, the date and time are immediately downloaded to all panels to which they are connected.

Please call us at (410) 594-1805 during our normal business hours (9:00am to 4:30pm, Eastern Time) and request DST support.  Someone will then assist you in the simple process of installing the patch. If no one is available at the time, please leave a message or contact us using our web survey, and a knowledgable technical support representative will contact you shortly thereafter.

Download the DST patch - (03/05/2007)

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