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The System V Card Access Control System was initially designed for medium to large sized systems where volume of card use traffic is high, and instant response times are critical. In recent years the system has been scaled to allow more affordable installation in smaller sites.

If your office has only a few doors you can have a fully operational, Web-based card access system. This is a stand-alone card access control system that grows with your company. Learn more about the System V card access system.

  • Custom Control of Personnel Access
    You can configure your system to allow access to select personnel in any combination of cardholder, group, door, time, date and location - customize your security to limit access to certain individuals by time or by location.
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Based on Scheduled Time of Day and/or Day of Week
    Unlock the front lobby door during business hours for public access, but require a valid card for entry after hours.
  • System V can be Programmed and Operated Remotely
    If you have an internet connection, you can control remote locations from your computer - at your desk or from home. Cardholders can be added and deleted, new personnel settings updated, etc.
  • Protection from the Threats of the Modern World
    In world full of both internal and external risks, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to improved physical access control to protect their valuable assets, ensure regulatory compliance and limit their exposure to liability. Our System V card access control system provides the most critical tool in combating these risks - controlling where and when someone has access to a particular resource, asset or area!
  • Flexible Solutions to Fit Any Need
    System V can be used to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas.   With a variety of authentication technologies available, including PIN, Proximity/Smart Card and Biometric, System V can be tailored with off-the-shelf products to fit the security needs of each individual area. 
  • Unparalleled Ease of Use
    Whether from the end user point of view or that of the installer, System V was designed with ease-of-use in mind.  Initial configuration of the system is similar to that of a network printer.  The self-contained nature of System V means there are no costly servers or applications to maintain.  In fact, all administrative tasks can be performed using a simple web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most web-enabled mobile phones.  The ability to encrypt the network traffic with 128bit SSL encryption allows an administrator to securely manage the system anywhere in the world – even on unsecured networks like the World Wide Web!
  • Cutting-Edge Technology for Physical Access Control
    System V is the culmination of over ten years of experience in biometric and card based physical access control solutions.  Now in its third generation, our latest version builds on the field tested platforms of former generations while incorporating the latest advancements in biometric scanner, card access and network appliance technologies.  Entry-Master provides the most flexible solutions for both new and existing installations.
  • Superior Return On Investment (ROI)
    System V uses common, standards-based hardware and wiring configurations allow installation and maintenance costs to be kept to a minimum.  Post-installation costs are also minimized due to the lack of server requirements and associated software support costs.  Even the administrator's productivity is maximized with the use of the simple, web-based administration console.

System V Features

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