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Entry-Master® System V Specifications

Entry-Master specifications are listed below.

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High School Security Baltimore MD
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Enterprise System Layout

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  • Virus-proof software design
  • Web-based operation
  • Quick card history lookup
  • 2 million cardholder capacity
  • User-defined audible alarms
  • 63 time zones
  • 10,000 access groups
  • 5,000 holiday schedules
  • Real-time alarm monitoring
  • Interactive alarm maps
  • Smart phone enabled via browser
  • Anti-passback (global and timed)
  • Nesting control (up to 9 levels)
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Menu-driven report definition
  • View reports in any word processor
  • Define reports with SQL-like directives
  • Supports conventional DVR and IP cameras
  • Comprehensive user auditing and tracking
  • Multiple workstation support (up to 64)
  • On-line storage of up to 16,000,000 transactions

Optional Features

  • Automated paging for unusual activity
  • Elevator control for up to 64 floors per cab
  • Multi-card carpool features
  • Integrated Photo Badging
  • Integrated CCTV support
  • Biometric interfaces
  • Time and attendance for automated payroll
  • Automatic billing for "pay as you park" patrons
  • Automatic billing for nesting violators
  • Restricted or hazardous area tracking control
  • University cafeteria meal schedule tracking
  • Special options for religious observances  (Sabbath, etc.)

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