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Perey Turnstiles Retrofit - Baltimore

Perey Turnstiles Retrofit - Baltimore

Entry-Master now offers a fully-functional retrofit for Perey turnstiles. Hundreds of sites using Perey turnstiles struggle with keeping their turnstile system up and running. Working with a USA manufacturing company, Entry-Master has developed a complete "drop-in" turnstile kit - you keep your existing turnstile cabinets - Entry-Master software can be customized and integrated with almost any security turnstile system.

Once an official reseller of Perey Security Turnstiles, Entry-Master has developed and installs a fully functional alternative to the Perey turnstile. The EMS retrofit kit will work with almost any turnstile system - Call us and let's see if we can save you thousands of dollars AND provide you with a system that works!

Turnstiles are designed for stadium access, casino lobbies and amusement park rides. The Model 139SS/FL and Model 139SS/AL are rugged cabinet tripod-turnstiles. These Optical turnstiles are loaded with functionality including alarm level options and anti-piggy-backing.

The Entry-Master turnstile solution offers the following:

  • Keep your existing cabinets
  • Complete "drop-in" solution
  • 24 volt power supply - keeps running during power failure
  • Replacement parts in stock for quick delivery
  • Half the parts of the Perey units
  • Complete system is "Made in the USA"
  • Drop Arm Turnstiles and Replacement Kits - Baltimore
    The Drop Arm Turnstile is designed to meet ADA regulations and the regulations of other nations. The Drop Arm Turnstile has one long passage barring arm or two mid-length arms, and an array of cabinet mounted sensors and emitters.

    One drop arm turnstile can be installed in a bank or as the accessible entry/exit in a bank of turnstiles to allow ease of passage of those with physical challenges, strollers and delivery persons with carts. The Drop Arm Turnstile is available in a wide variety of cabinet shapes and materials.

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    Broken Turnstiles Retrofit - Baltimore

    Broken Turnstiles Retrofit - Baltimore
    This is a broken Perey turnstile at a major hospital.
    It never worked properly - we can fix this without removing all the cabinetry.

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    Entry-Master Systems is located in Baltimore MD and services clients, large and small in the local area including Annapolis, Frederick, Columbia, Towson, Essex, Parkville, Timonium, Woodlawn, Owings Mill as well as Washington DC, Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas. In addition to the immediate service area, Entry-Master secures government and business facilities in Harrisburg PA, Boulder CO, Dallas TX, Richmond VA, Wilmington DE, Philadelphia PA, Atlanta GA, Orlando, Tampa and Miami FL and other locations around the USA.