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Security Camera Systems

CCTV/DVR Camera Interface
Entry-Master is an official reseller of Panasonic, SONY, Axis and Hunt Electronics security cameras and DVR systems.

The System V card access control system has complete CCTV and DVR capability.  DVR-MasterTM allows you to have monitoring access to your CCTV system from any workstation on your network without loading any proprietary CCTV or DVR client software.

  • View recorded video directly from alarm and event reports
  • Active-X driver automatically installs upon initial viewing
  • Each alarm point supports multiple camera assignments
  • Supports live video feed and remote unlock capability
  • No searching the DVR for recorded video clips - the HTML reports automatically load the time-stamped videos
DVR-Master is fully integrated with Entry-Master System V.
Most security cameras can be fully integrated with the Entry-Master System V.

Accessing your CCTV cameras has never been easier - any authorized workstation in your network can access and view live or recorded video.  Hard-wired request to exit buttons are a thing of the past.  Unlocking a door remotely for authorized personnel is conveniently available to your receptionist or IT department - no additional cabling is necessary.  DVR-Master features include:

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