Clients - Baltimore County Revenue Authority

The Baltimore County Revenue Authority currently operates four parking garages, five golf courses, twelve surface parking lots and the building which contains the Towson District Court. The Authority generates $14 million dollars in revenues in fees paid by users of these various facilities to support the expenditures and services that it offers to the public.

Entry-Master® Software has provided card access security, parking, and revenue control for the Baltimore County Revenue Authority since 1992. The Entry-Master System, installed in four Baltimore County parking garages, includes:

  • Control and Monitoring for over 16 Parking Gates
  • Maintains Paid Parking Revenue Control
  • Detailed Ticket Auditing of Parking Revenue
  • Manages over 5,000 Cardholders
  • Processes 40,000 Parking Transactions per Month

    Entry-Master, LLC    |    7133 Rutherford Road, Suite 122    |    Baltimore, Maryland 21244    |    410.594.1805   

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